Currently I serve as a full time faculty member of the Ohio University School of Music and School of Theatre where I teach applied voice to over 40 BFA Musical Theatre, and Classical Voice Students, teach the first year Performance Practices & English Diction course, and teach undergraduate and graduate level Lyric Diction (German, French, Italian). Further, I own and operate my own music school in Lewis Center, OH where I maintain a small studio of roughly 30 voice and piano students and lead/mentor a team of roughly 20 music educators. I also serve as Musicologie’s Education Advisory Board President.

During my time at Ohio State, I served as a graduate teaching and administrative associate within the School of Music at Ohio State, restarted/founded the Buckeye SNATS Chapter (Student chapter for the National Association of Teachers of Singing), started a tutoring service for the Aural Training Sequence, and was provided the privilege of performing both the National Anthem and Carmen Ohio (Alma Mater) at the Ohio State University 2018 Spring Commencement.

Education, Affiliations, Memberships

Master of Music in Vocal Performance, The Ohio State University 2018
Master of Arts in Vocal Pedagogy, The Ohio State University 2018
Bachelor of Music in Vocal Performance, The Ohio State University 2016
Associate of Arts, Columbus State Community College 2012
Estill Voice International Level One Course Participant 2018
Vocal Pedagogy Professional Workshop (Boston Conservatory) 2021 & 2022
Shenandoah CCM Summer Institute 2021
NATS (National Association of Teachers of Singing) Associate Member 2017-Present
Buckeye Chapter SNATS (Student Chapter National Association of Teachers of Singing) Founding President 2017-18
PAVA Student Member 2017-Present
MTNA (Music Teachers National Association) Member 2018-Present


Teaching Philosophy

I am a firm believer that there is more than one path toward developing a healthy and beautiful voice. Through my teaching I discovered early on that there is no such thing as a “one size fits all” approach when it comes to singing. While, yes, I am classically trained myself, I find it highly beneficial to learn to sing in various styles to develop a versatile technique that allows for cross-over between vocal genres and styles. Very few people who study voice start out loving classical vocal music (e.g. opera) and must learn how to make the particular sounds associated with that style of singing with their voice, however, many people (myself included) grew up listening instead to pop, R&B, jazz, rap/hip-hop, rock, or musical theater, and have sung in a way that mimics what we’re accustomed to.

I believe it’s important to first develop an understanding of how the voice works, how to healthily use one’s unique instrument, and build vocal technique in a manner that allows for flexibility of the voice and can withstand the demands of multiple genres of music. Where many classically trained singers often times cringe at the term “belting,” I have learned to embrace it and am comfortable both belting myself, as well as teaching it to my students. I do teach from a classical approach, however, branch out far beyond just teaching a “classical sound.”

I realize that everyone comes from a diverse and unique background, and the importance to honor each student’s specific interests. Every individual is unique and brings with them into the studio aesthetic tastes and a unique sound that is their own. I say it often, I do not believe in fussing with a singer’s natural sound, and I respect the interests goals of each student who walks into my studio. I enjoy working with a diverse body of students with musical tastes just as diverse as they are. Whether you want to sing pop or R&B, classical or musical theater, work towards auditioning for an ensemble or production, prepare for college auditions, or just for the fun of singing, I encourage healthy singing and achieving a functional and versatile technique that will allow students to express themselves artistically through their music, no matter the genre. To aid that effort, I frequently refer to Estill figures and other contemporary pedagogy methods with students of voice in my teaching.


Below are just a few of the testimonials received over the past few years from my private studio in Columbus as well as from my students at Ohio University in Athens, OH.

“I started taking voice lessons nearly two years ago with Justin and ended up following him to Musicologie a while back. “Knowledgeable” is the name of the game. Justin has a very scientific, researched approach which I personally like, and which I can only imagine has been a big factor in my improvement!”

Dennie P, Voice Student

“My daughter is taking voice and piano lessons with Justin Swain at Musicologie studio. We have a great experience. Justin is very professional, informational, and talented teacher. In a short period of time he managed to deliver fantastic results and at the same time our daughter is really enjoying her piano and voice lessons.
I would highly recommended Justin and studio to anyone.”

Faina S., Voice Student Parent

“I’ve been studying voice with Justin Swain for 2 years now. He’s approached my unique limitations and capabilities without hesitation and has worked diligently with me to refine my voice. He and the rest of the staff are always friendly and helpful. The school provides multiple opportunities for performance and exploration through the year. I’ve been thoroughly happy and grateful to have found this school and heartily recommend it.”

Patrick L., Voice Student

“I am taking beginner piano lessons with Justin Swain. His lessons are always fun yet professional and well adapted to my learning pace and style. I can only afford the 30-minute weekly lesson plan but Justin manages to leverage this short amount of time well and I feel like I am rapidly growing as a musician. The Musicologie app/website also allows you to conveniently schedule and cancel lessons, or set up open play sessions where you can come into the studio and freely practice on their instruments without an instructor (free for students).”

Andrew S., Piano Student

“Justin is a great voice lessons teacher. He is understanding, friendly and very knowledgeable. It feels great learining from him!”

Preethi R., Voice Student

“I wish I had started taking voice lessons here sooner! The staff is friendly and responsive, and my experience working with Justin as my vocal teacher was incredible! I learned a lot in a short period of time and looked forward to my lesson every week.”

McKinzi W., Voice Student

“I’ve been going here for several months now working under Justin Swain as his student, and I’ve improved drastically thanks to his help. Justin is magnificent and I can’t recommend him enough.”

Andrew B., Voice Student

“Our son LOVES taking lessons with Justin! His lesson is the highlight of his week!”

Kate S., Piano Student Parent

“My 16 yr old son has taken voice/piano lessons at the Grandview Ohio location on and off with Justin for a couple years.   The teachers are a pleasure to see each week and the instruction is top notch.  Musicologie executes great recitals and the company is flexible and accommodating with schedules.  We are very happy with Musicologie.”

Stephanie B., Voice Student Parent

“I have been taking voice lessons here for just over a year with Justin, and I cannot speak highly enough of how much I have enjoyed them. He challenges me each week to continue bettering myself. He has an extensive background in music and understands the science and art of singing to a degree that I didn’t expect when I signed up for my first consultation. If you are thinking about lessons, give Musicologie a chance; I promise they are worth the time. The instructors are top-notch and know what they are doing, and you will a great time!”

Greg S., Voice Student

“I have been taking voice lessons at Musicologie at the Grandview location for approximately 3 months now. I received my referral from a reputable source who was in the music business himself. I didn’t want to travel far to accomplish my goals. Musicologie was the perfect place! I was first paired with an instructor named Kate who described to me a little about music science, right away I was excited about learning music and the proper way to sing. A life long desire of mine despite the fact I had always sung with choirs never solo. Because her schedule could not accommodate me she quickly referred me to Justin Fields (nothing short of a God send, a perfect fit!). He takes the time to perfect my voice  and enhance my talents to the ultimate degree! Every lesson is an adventure and one I look forward to! I have dreams of becoming a great singer one day, and with Justin’s help I sincerely believe I’ll make it. In my spare time, I have written my own lyrics- some day I hope to perform the ones I have had copy written. Because of Musicologie and Justin Fields, the sky is the limit! Thank you, Justin”

Cynthia P., Voice Student

“I started singing lessons at Musicologie with Justin T. Swain last summer. He is an amazing teacher who really cares for all his students and wants to see them succeed. I have heard myself improve vastly over the last couple months and I owe that to Justin’s great teaching and patience. I fully recommend Musicologie to anyone who is wanting to learn a new instrument or start vocal lessons!”

David T., Voice Student


In lessons, I emphasize the importance of healthy vocal production and habits, first and foremost. We will cover all sorts of fundamental things like posture, breathing, healthily speaking, how to warm up, basic musicianship skills (reading music), and plenty more. With all of my students, I strive to educate beyond how to make a pretty sound with your voice. Rather, I educate my students on the whys and hows when it comes to the singing voice. Repertoire selections will vary depending on each student, however, with all students, I work towards keeping song selections relevant and enjoyable for each of my students. There’s nothing worse than practicing a song you absolutely hate or one particular genre of music, and I work to ensure that never happens with my students.

Locations & Pricing

I teach full time between my studio in Lewis Center, OH — exclusively at my studio, Musicologie Lewis Center, and my collegiate studio in Athens, OH and maintain a studio of approximately 60-65 students at any given time. 

Musicologie Lewis Center (8468 Cotter Street, Lewis Center, OH)
I offer 30, 45, and 60 minute weekly lessons at my studio, Musicologie Lewis Center at a rate of $164/mo (30-minute), $246/mo (45-minute), and $328/mo (60-minute).

Ohio University School of Music (Athens, OH)
For students outside of a music major, I offer lessons at a rate of $40 per 30 minute lesson. Email me for scheduling/availability.

Get Started

If you’re interested in taking an assessment lesson, visit this page to fill out an assessment form, or contact me directly on my website.